Fully declarative Homelab on NixOS ❄️
04-06, 11:35–12:00 (Europe/Vienna), HS i2
Language: English

In this talk, we'll explore the intricacies of setting up a reproducible personal home server or homelab using a fully declarative approach on NixOS.

Building upon the foundation laid by last year's introduction to NixOS and the Nix ecosystem, this talk takes participants on a journey from a fully declarative disk setup to the configuration of a wide range of services suitable for Linux server and homelab enthusiasts.

Emphasizing reproducibility and ease of configuration, this session should appeal to NixOS users and homelab enthusiasts running other Linux distributions.

Have you ever wanted to have complete control over your personal home server or homelab? Are you tired of manually configuring and maintaining your server, only to encounter unexpected issues down the line? Look no further! In this Linux conference talk, we will take another look at NixOS (a Linux distribution doing things different) and explore the benefits of a fully declarative approach to setting up your own server.

Building upon the foundations laid in last year's talk that served as an introduction to NixOS and the Nix ecosystem, we will dive deeper into the possibilities that await you. Our focus will be on achieving reproducibility in your server setup, ensuring that you can confidently recreate your environment on-demand, without any surprises.

We will begin by guiding you through a declarative disk setup and will then venture into the exciting realm of service configuration. Whether you have a particular interest in containerized services or prefer traditional setups, we've got you covered. Our talk will provide plenty of configuration examples, showcasing various services that you could run on your home server or homelab.

Join us as we unravel the power and simplicity of NixOS. Discover how a fully declarative approach can revolutionize the way you set up and maintain your personal home server or homelab. Whether you're a seasoned Linux enthusiast or new to the world of server administration, this talk will equip you with the knowledge and tools to take control of your server infrastructure and create a reproducible, reliable, and personalized server environment.

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