Embedded Linux Security: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
04-06, 11:35–12:00 (Europe/Vienna), HS i1
Language: English

Linux-based embedded systems are not uncommon these days, but they still have some rough edges, especially in terms of security.
In this talk, Richard will outline common problems he encounters when working with customers on embedded systems.
The goal is to make you aware of these critical pitfalls you should definitely avoid in your next project.

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Richard Weinberger is co-founder of sigma star gmbh where he offers consulting services around Linux and IT security.
Upstream he maintains various subsystems of the Linux kernel such as UserModeLinux and UBIFS.
Beside of low level and security aspects of computers he enjoys growing lithops.

David Gstir is a senior security expert at sigma star gmbh with 15+ years of hands-on experience.

He obtained a master's degree in computer sciences from the University of
Technology Graz, Austria where he specialized in IT security and cryptography.
In his master's thesis, he focused on analyzing attacks on AES, showcasing
his expertise in this domain.

At sigma star gmbh he has been actively involved in various security-related projects,
successfully identifying vulnerabilities in various consumer and enterprise software.
His extensive investigations encompass diverse areas such as password managers,
Web3 solutions, embedded devices, and network security solutions. Often in the
area of open source software where he e.g. helped bring filesystem encryption
and full file data and filesystem metadata authentication to Linux' UBIFS.