Discovering rust with 25 examples
04-14, 14:00–16:50 (Europe/Vienna), HS i13
Language: English

Rust is the most loved programming language for six years in a row now (acc. to the StackOverflow survey). However, rust also features some additional constraints to maintain its memory safety and developers often have a hard time to get started. In this workshop, I pose 25 introductory examples, participants are expected to solve on their own. But if any question arises, don't hesitate to ask during this session. Let's oxidize together!

Rust is a modern system-level programming language and considered the “most loved” programming language for the sixth time in the annual StackOverflow developer survey. Rust features a comprehensive type system, modern development tools, mature standard library, growing corpus of third-party packages and receives a lot of research attention.

In this workshop, I will offer 25 examples of rust code which pose a small challenge. By trying to solve these problem, the developer is expected to learn the basics of rust. I expect this to be helpful for any software developer who has programming experience, but did not have the time to dive into the rust programming language yet.

The examples will be published one week before the workshop. When the workshop starts, I will give a brief overview over the examples (max. 30 min), followed by a session where I will answer any user questions. The participants are expected to solve the problems on their own computer after installing the rust toolchain.

See also: Introduction_slides.pdf (358.8 KB)

Software developer. Prefers rust and python to many other languages. Develops digital typesetting software in rust. Eternal discoverer of Aikidō. Mi parolas Esperanto. 僕も一寸日本語を勉強しています. Reads papers and studies mathematics in his leisure time.

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