litua - transform text documents with Lua hooks
04-15, 14:15–14:20 (Europe/Vienna), HS i2
Language: English

Litua is FLOSS. You can download it and start right away. It will take your text document … and print the same document as output document. But if you attach hooks written in the Lua programming language, you can adjust this behavior.
Specifically, it recognizes an input language (which is a little bit more powerful than XML) and reads it into a tree data structure. User-specified functions (so-called hooks) can now operate on this tree and modify it. Finally, this tree is converted back into a string (yes, also this string representation can be modified with a hook).

One can describe Litua as “not XSLT, but Lua” or “text transformation utility”.

See also: litua lightning talk slides (610.6 KB)

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