Dear community!

In 2020, we have not been able to adapt quickly enough. As event organizers, we are responsible for the safety and security of our participants. We want to achieve a safe and inclusive environment to discuss, share, and debate opinions related to free/libre/open source soft- and hardware. In current times, this can only be achieved through digital means. In 2020, we failed to achieve this transition within 2 months and cancelled the event.

However, in 2021, we want to make it better. “Virenfrei” (virus-free) is our motto for #glt21 and defines our baseline for our event. We want everybody to stay at home and join us online. We offer talks, a chat online and virtual communication tools, to engage in interesting discussions. Please join us on our digital endeavor! The digital concept is shown on our website.

This server is our submission system. You can contribute by submitting your soft- or hardware-related topic as talk. We will select an appropriate schedule in February 2021 and inform all submitters.