Linuxtage CTF #glt19ctf
2019-04-26, 16:00–19:40, IFEG042

Grazer Linuxtage Capture the Flag (#glt19ctf) is a hacking competition.
Its a fun & legal way to play with hacking, and it provides a opportunity to practice for real-world security challenges.

What is this?

A CTF is a hacking contest.
Its a safe, legal, and free (as in free beer) opportunity to learn about hacking or test your hacking skills.

Who can participate?

Everyone with a computer and a Internet connection. You don't have to be present at Linuxtage - but its more fun if you are!
We welcome people with different skill levels; a curious beginner is as much welcome as an experienced person. We also embrace different skill sets and diverse backgrounds by providing different categories and levels of challenges.

What kind of CTF?

It's a Jeopardy-Style CTF. So you participate by browsing to our competition page, load a challenge, solve it, and submit the resulting flag!

Where can I participate?

We will publish the competition webpage a few days before Grazer Linuxtage.
The CTF will take place from Friday 15:00 to Saturday 15:00.
More information can be found at

Room IFEG042?

Yes. We have a room at Linuxtage on Friday (from 13:00 on until ~20:00) and Saturday (from 10:00 on).
It's at IAIK, in Inffeldgasse 16a on the ground floor.
Visit us there to ask questions and maybe get some help to start your journey.

How do I prepare for a CTF?

Be curious. Learn about web technology, programming, scripting, debugging, cryptography, or reverse engineering.
Or play other CTFs.
For example, we have a nothing-to-win-nothing-to-lose CTF running 24/7, check it out:

And don't forget to bring your Laptop to Linuxtage - you are going to need it.