[SPONSOR] Beyond Pushing Code: Lessons Learned from Dynatrace's Open Source Journey on GitHub
04-15, 17:00–17:25 (Europe/Vienna), HS i2
Language: English

Sharing code on GitHub is easy, but true success in Open Source requires much more than just creating a repository and starting to code. This is especially true for companies who want to ensure they are doing Open Source the right way and making it easy for their developers to follow best practices. While GitHub's ease of use can be both a blessing and a curse, at Dynatrace, we've learned some valuable lessons during our Open Source journey on GitHub. In this talk, I will share our GitHub adventure and the insights we've gained on doing Open Source right, including tips for fostering collaboration, promoting community health, and improving user management. Attendees will leave with practical strategies for leveraging GitHub to maximize the value of their Open Source initiatives.

In this talk, I want to share how we transformed our unorchestrated GitHub organizations into a more structured and managed approach with a streamlined process that allows us to handle users, repositories, and organizations in a more accessible way. I’ll provide a deep dive into our problems, focusing on community standards, user management, GitHub and accessibility, and other code hosters.

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A bearded guy from Austria loves to code and digs deep into Code Quality, testing, and general work improvement tools.

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