Vim for Everyone
04-23, 13:00–13:45 (Europe/Vienna), HS i1
Language: English

Vim is a powerful tool for efficient text editing. It takes a slightly
different approach than other common editors, allowing the author to focus on
the changes rather than how to make them. In this talk you will learn basic
controls and get an idea of the benefits using Vim.

The Goals of this talk are to provide an entry point to become familiar with
Vim, teach easy to use basic movements and controls, and to show useful
methods like automation that can save time in everyday tasks. Even if you do
not plan to make Vim your default text editor you will learn some tricks where
this tool might come in handy.

The presentation is split into three sections: A brief overview on basic
commands and modes, a practical introduction on how to manipulate text
efficiently with Vim, and we will have a look on everyday tasks and how to
solve them with ease.

See also: Slides (2.3 MB)

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