Emacs Org mode features you may not know
04-10, 17:00–17:40 (Europe/Vienna), Session2
Language: English

Emacs Org mode is huge and might overwhelm some people. Therefore, helpful features often gets lost in this large amount of documentation. In this talk, hand-selected tricks are demonstrated that may help the average Org mode user in her daily life.

Bastien Guerry wrote this article where he shows nice but rather unknown Org features. His article inspired this talk which is about a selection of those features and much more here and there. It also covers some general Emacs features.

For this talk, you should have a minimum level of experience with GNU/Emacs and Org mode. If not, it might provide some inspiration and motivation to start with GNU/Emacs. However the talk highlights only some features and tricks here and there, not providing a general overview.

You can find the show-notes of the talk, links to external sources and the colophon on this web page.

Please do send a short feedback here after the talk.

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