UNIX - Stories from another time
04-27, 17:00–17:45 (Europe/Vienna), i1
Language: English

Have you ever wondered how everything started? What was before Linux? Where did vim come from and what does grep mean? This talk is about the people behind the most astonishing ideas and tools in the history of computer science, and about a game, a game that changed everything...

The talk is composed of a collection of stories that I have stumbled across in recent years. Together they tell about the research in the 70/80s at Bell Labs. About the origin of UNIX and how it led to the birth of Linux. The timeline from the mid 1960s (the MULTICS Project) to the early 1990s (creation of Linux) will be covered. But most of all, the talk will be about the people who were part of this great achievement.

See also: Folien (28.4 MB)