KDE Software - Linux Desktop and beyond
04-27, 13:00–13:45 (Europe/Vienna), i1
Language: English

A whirlwind tour of software created by the KDE community.

From the Plasma Desktop for Linux/Unix operating systems over applications for a wide range of domains to other, lesser known programs developed under the KDE umbrella.
From Linux over Windows to Mobile.

KDE is a world wide community of Free and Open Source enthusiasts with the goal of providing software for users of all kinds.

Its most well known product is the Plasma Desktop Suite for Linux based operating systems and associated tools.

However, KDE developers also work on a wide range of other programs, ranging from office/productivity, over learning and teaching, fun and entertainment and so on.

Unlike the Plasma Desktop, many of these applications can also be used on proprietary operating system such as Windows, and/or on mobile devices such as Android phones or tablets.

This talk intends to given an overview of these offerings, giving short demos of selected programs.

Kevin ist Mitbegründer der Grazer Linuxtage, des realraum und langjähriger Mitwirkender bei KDE.